Selected to Teach Kettlebells by StrongFirst

By Todd M. Cambio | January 28, 2015

I am excited to finally let you know had the honor of being accepted by StrongFirst from a select group of my peers from the SFG II ranks to teach StrongFirst’s licensed curriculum in one day courses.

I have officially signed my StrongFirst contract and already have two courses listed with StrongFirst!  

After 9 years of owning and operating Precision Fitness I have formally moved on and am very excited about this opportunity to share my passion for kettlebells. 

I feel there are so many misconceptions out there about kettlebells and I will work vigorously to educate and change those misconceptions!

#1 misconception: “Kettlebells are bad for my back.”

Absolutely NOT True!  Bad form and poor instruction is bad for your back.  Kettlebells taught correctly are good for your back.

#2 Misconception: “My trainer knows kettlebells”

Not to pick on anybody, but unless you have been to a one day course or a 3-day certification, and “practiced” kettlebells for at least 6 months (after attending a SFG course or Cert), you or your trainer do not know kettlebells.  Personal trainers do not know kettlebells.  CrossFit does not know kettlebells. 

I teach Russian Hard Style, so StrongFirst (and the RKC) is where it’s at.

#3 Misconception: “I can learn them myself.”

If you are reading a book, watching YouTube or DVD’s on kettlebells, stop now and sign up for a StrongFirst Course or Certification.

Trying to learn on your own is like a kid trying to cut their own hair…it usually doesn’t go well! 



Here are some learning opportunities already in the books:

  1. January 31st3 hour Workshop at Xtreme Fitness in Hampton, NH 9-noon. (great 1st step to learning Kb’s).  Sign up or more info here: 
  1. March 1st – StrongFirst Kettlebell 1-Day Course Unleashed in Warwick, RI 9 – 5:30.  Sign up or more info here:
  1. March 14th - StrongFirst Kettlebell 1-Day Course New Hampshire at EFX Fitness in Manchester 9 – 5:30.  Sign up or more info here:


So thank you for all the support!  I would love to see you at one of my courses!

Be Strong,


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Xtreme Russian Kettlebell Workshop

By Todd M. Cambio | January 14, 2015

Unlock Your Hidden Potential With Russian Kettlebell Training


Xtreme Russian Kettlebell Workshop
You Will Learn:

First #kettlebell workshop of 2015 with me will be Jan 10th in Exeter, NH.  This is for beginners to advanced KBers!    You will learn tension techniques for instant strength gains and the big hitter KB basic movements:  - the dead lift -the swing - the g

With or w/o a KB

When: January 31st 

Time: 9 am – noon

Where: Xtreme Fitness

7 Scott Road, Hampton, NH


Contact: StrongFirst Level II Instructor Todd M. Cambio, CSCS

860-287-3768 or visit

How Much: Only $50 (normally $299 for a one day course)

With or w/o a KB

PS – If you want your own kettlebell, you must order by January 27th 2015 or else I cannot guarantee your bell will arrive by the workshop!  I picked bells that are the most well rounded for swings, squats and get ups!  I recommend a 16 kg for women, a 24 kg for men and a 32 kg for advanced.

PPS – We will be going for lunch after the workshop and you are invited.  We can discuss kettlebell training, programming and all things beer related!  :)


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Online Training Available

By Todd M. Cambio | January 12, 2015


The most common question I see on Facebook and blogs  is “How should I train for a Spartan Race?”

Well a lot depends on what your background is and what your goals are for the event. When people ask this question they often really asking “What exercises should I do?” But there is more to it than just exercising. You should eat well, rest and make sure you have the right gear.

I am a huge proponent of Spartan SGX combined with the StrongFirst principals of strength.  I have trained athletes at all levels including an Olympian, professionals, college, high school all the way to your average moms and dads!



Learn training protocal that will:

If you want to train like a Spartan and get in the best shape of your life, then give me a call at 860-287-3768!


General Program $97 

Here is a body weight workout I do to prep for OC races.  Usually I add it Ina's a single workout 5 weeks prior to so I hit my 1000 reps the week before race day.  Week 1: 2 rounds Week 2: 3 rounds Week 3: 4 rounds Week 4:5 rounds or 1000 reps!  My goal i

Such as….

During this time we will discuss the general format of programming, equipment/facility needs, athletic past, physical limitations etc…and get you pointed in the right direction with a general 4 week program.

All interaction will be through email or Facebook messaging.

In person session will get you a FMS movement screen.

Online clients will recieve a digital copy of my latest ebook on warm ups and cool downs.

 Personalized Programming $197/mo

Nice to be back in front of a group teaching strength!  Dead lifts, tactical pull ups and Kettlebell snatches on the menu this day!!!  #strongfirst #kettlebells #xtremefitness #tacticalstrengthchallenge

Programming can include body weight, kettlebells, sand bags and barbell training methodologies


Success Story:“Words cannot express the Gratitude I have for Coach Cambio… He believed in me when I didn’t… He pushed my Assets to achieve things unimaginable… Every training session He pushed me to new levels and my performance at every OCR this year was commendable. I am not an athlete, just an average woman with moderate muscle tone… But in just 3 months of dedicated training I was able to do a Chin-up, a 195 lb. Deadlift and came in 2nd place in a 5k… and none of that would have been possible without My Red Gorilla!!! I am proud to call Todd a Friend and I am thankful for the Family I have become a part of all thanks to working out with one of the BEST TRAINER’S THE INDUSTRY HAS TO OFFER!… and as a side note, my Assets would like to say Thank You… I weigh the exact same I did last year, yet nothing fits anymore:) That’s a Win-Win all around I would say!”

– Jen Ward, Spartan Mom

Here is a little sample workout from my SGX session this past summer at Mohegan Sun in CT!

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What Is Proper Squat Depth

By Todd M. Cambio | December 27, 2014

I am going to give you the one and only correct squat depth answer…

…are you ready???

Here it is…

…wait for it…


…But first, lets take a quick peak at what people are saying.

Actual comments from Spartan30 Squat Challenge:

Amazing how conflicting people’s views are!

I’ll fill you in on a secret, squats are not bad for your knees and lower back. Squats with bad form are…

So here is the answer to proper squat depth:

Scared Face

 ***Proper squat depth is what ever depth your body can go and still hold the integrity of the movement!***

OMG…Mind blowing right!?!?

But wait, what does that mean?

It means you must maintain a position of stability in you ankles, hips and shoulders through out the movement.  Breakdown in form is caused by many things, such as a vagus collapse, Back rounded (in flexion), an open foot fault, lack of ankle mobility, a “butt wink” or what I call a “flop” where you just bottom out in the bottom position of a squat…there are so many other possible factors too.

When training, if any of the above mentioned breakdowns in form happen, I adjust according to the abilities of my client.

If they are doing corrective exercises, and these things happen, sometimes I have to allow them to continue doing it until the exercise I chose does it’s job and corrects the movement faults.  The “Face the Wall” squat is a great example of this.

So, is proper squat depth 90 degrees?

Maybe for some, maybe not for others.

If you are in a competition like in CrossFit or in powerlifting, and you have per-determined depth requirements, then yes you need to get to 90.  My suggestion is to make sure you can get to the proper depth with great form with body weight first, then start loading the pattern.

However, if you are just working out to workout, then the depth you go is the depth you can go maintaing form.  There is no right or wrong depth, just proper form.  

Bar position also plays a role in form if you squat under load.


Should you squat to below 90 degrees?

Again, if you can with great form yes.  If you can’t, then start working on some of the corrective exercises that I put out there for you in the Spartan 30.

After doing the Spartan30 Days of Squat Challenge, it occurred to me how much mis-information is really out there.  How many people really have no clue.

Not to be combative, but if you think there is only one proper depth to squat at and you make everybody get to that depth, then you are a danger to yourself and your clients if you in fact train people this way.

If your goal for you or your clients is to be able to do a 90 degree or lower squat, then great, work towards that.  I believe it is a fantastic goal and what most people should strive for.  Incorporate the corrective strategies that help you or your client the most.

I personally think you should get into a deep squat on a daily basis.  Now that does not mean put a barbell on your back and deep squat everyday, I mean just own the deep squat position.  Practice getting low, hang out there for awhile, make it feel natural.

Deep Squat

Now What?  I can’t get below 90 degrees with good form.

Work on your mobility!  Attack your trigger points and foam roll daily.

I put a bunch of squat corrections in Week One of the Spartan30 Squat Challenge, definitely go back and work on those.  I also came across this blog post that hits some of the main squat corrections I employ regularly like the face the wall squat and how to correct a valgus collapse with a mini band.

I also suggest you contact a FMS, CK-FMS or CES certified coach to work with you.  If there is pain, contact a medical professional.

There you have it.  The correct answer to proper squat depth.

Be Fit,


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How To Do A REAL Burpee

By Todd M. Cambio | December 27, 2014

I must say, I cringe when I watch people do Burpees these days.  I don’t know why this incredible exercise now tends to get ruined and turned into a 1980’s worm break dancing move!

I get that CrossFit and Spartan Races have this movement as part of their competitions so the competitors are trying to go fast, but have some pride and do it as they were meant to be done…as a full body movement incorporating a plank, a push up and a squat jump!

The biggest argument is that come race day or CF Games day, the burpee is no longer an “exercise” but an athletic maneuver.  I understand that point, but why lower the standards for competition, the standards shoud be enforced (at least for the top level competitors).

I believe that as the level of competition goes up, so should the standards.  If you want to be the best, then be the best by upholding a higher standard!  Yes, trying to judge a flop and almost push up vs. a straight up real push up burpee at the speed of competition and with money on the line is tough, but it is not impossible.

If the example below is what you strive for, then don’t read any further because we are both wasting our time together on this subject…

By about 3:40 in the video, form starts to go downhill quickly.  Now the fact that you have to jump up 6″ and touch a ring is a great addition to make the movement more difficult.  I actually really like this variation of the Burpee.  My issue comes with the loss of tension or torque through the midline of the body…aka…the “worm” move!

Since you are now reading on, then you at least know that the above video shows shit form and you want to see what my view point is.

In simple terms, this is how I think about Burpee form…

In basketball, I dont change my shot from practice to a game.  I dont change how I lift 400lbs in practice compared to a competition and I certainly don’t change how I do Burpees in a obstacle course race!  I practice Burpees (and all my exercises) with the best possible form always.  When form fades, I stop and recover a bit, then get back at it.

An argument with a basketball comparision came up.  Here is the gist of as stated to me ” In basketball I can 1-arm toss the ball from full court at the buzzer and if it goes in it counts.”  Yes that is of course true.  However, you don’t do a basketball toss from half court 30 times in a game…if you do you will never win or your coach will simply bench you!

Anyways, my rant is over, lets take a look at the steps of what I consider a REAL Burpee.


1. The first thing you do is drop down into a crouched squat.

2. Then you kick out into a push up position.

3. Of course when you do the push up, you keep a perfect plank all the way down (meaning tight core, no worm looking thing right?), touch your chest to the ground, then you push back up in a perfect plank still…right???

4. As you are finishing your full extension of the push up, you drive both legs up back into our crouched squat position.

5. Then you explode up just like a squat jump.  You must get full hip extension with your feet leaving the ground.

6. In the air, clap your hands over head.

7. Land under control and repeat or move on to what’s next!

I will also make a note that if you cant do the push up part, which is the main area of dispute for me, then I have one answer for you…GET STRONGER!  Get your core stronger and get your upper body stronger.

I would much rather have you do what I consider a “regular” Burpee, which simply means no push up, then do a shity “worm” Burpee.  Do your level of push ups separate on an elevated surface until you are strong enough to do them on the ground for at least a set of 20.

Until next time…

Be Fit,


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Russian Kettlebell Workshop

By Todd M. Cambio | December 24, 2014

Unlock Your Hidden Potential With Russian Kettlebell Training


Kathy KB Swing
You Will Learn:

First #kettlebell workshop of 2015 with me will be Jan 10th in Exeter, NH.  This is for beginners to advanced KBers!    You will learn tension techniques for instant strength gains and the big hitter KB basic movements:  - the dead lift -the swing - the g

With or w/o a KB

When: January 10th

Time: 9 am – noon

Where: CrossFit Reclamation

2 Kingsway Ave, Exeter, NH 03833


Contact: StrongFirst Level II Instructor Todd M. Cambio, CSCS

860-287-3768 or visit

How Much: Only $50 (normally $299 for a one day course)

With or w/o a KB

PS – If you want your own kettlebell, you must order by January 5th 2015 or else I cannot guarantee your bell will arrive by the workshop!  I picked bells that are the most well rounded for swings, squats and get ups!  I recommend a 16 kg for women, a 24 kg for men and a 32 kg for advanced.

PPS – Ww will be going for lunch after the workshop and you are invited.  We can discuss kettlebell training, programming and all things beer related!  :)


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Spartan30 Squats Week 3

By Todd M. Cambio | December 21, 2014

 Spartan30 Squat Week 3

Spartan30_SQUAT_LogoWeek 3 Goal: Bring Out Your Inner Animal

Phase 1 of Spartan30 was all about improving your mobility by re-patterning your deep squat.  Phase 2 of Spartan30 was about mastering your classic body weight squat or air squat variations.  Phase 3 is about having some fun with a few animal movements!  More specifically, brining out the “A” in our Spartan A, B, C’s!  

The “A” stands for Ape.  The reason I chose these movements is becasue I consider these animal movements a squat based movement.  These variations of the Ape are great for hip mobility and getting your juices flowing for a great training session!  At the end of the week we got into some more traditional squats the lead us into our power phase of Spartan30!  

For more specifics on these, go to my FAN page on Facebook, Coach Cambio for all the videos on these squat variations.

Day 15 The Perfect Squat

Day 15: The Perfect Squat #Spartan30 #squat This is one of my favorites!  It is also a great movement to transition us into one of the Spartan A, B, C's...APE...of course!  The other great thing about this movement is that it can be built upon!  It could

Day 16 Lateral Ape

Lateral Ape

Day 17 Gorilla


Day 18 Lateral Sumo Ape

Day 18: Lateral Sumo Ape #spartan30 #squat Challenge!  This one really opens the hips and gets your glute medius's firing!  Believe it or not, this could help reduce back pain too!  #coachcambio #spartanup #spartansgx #spartanrace #spartanracing #spartans

Day 19 The Gorilla Charge

Gorilla Charge

Day 20 Split Squats

Single Leg Split Squat

Day 21 Calf Raise Squats

Squat to Calf Raise

Be Fit,


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Spartan30 Squat Week 2

By Todd M. Cambio | December 17, 2014

Week 2 Goal: Build off Your Mobility

Phase 2 of Spartan30 was about resetting your classic body weight squat or air squat.  There were several questions about knee pain, so Day 9 (Sit and Stand Squats) addressed that.  The classic squats are still an incredibly valuable tool to build strength and lose body fat, posture and strength.  Go to my FAN page on Facebook, Coach Cambio for all the videos on these squat variations.  I have also recieved a lot of questions on Knee Pain.  If you have knee pain, read THIS:

Day 8: Wall Sit Squat

Wall Sit Squat

Day 9: Sit and Stand (Best place to start if there is knee pain)
Day 9 #Spartan30 #squat Challenge!  Sit and Stand Squat.  3 x 10.  Here is how to reprogram a proper squatting pattern: - find a chair, box, a toilet, etc. that is a comfortable height to start - stand with feet shoulder width apart  - toes slightly turne

Day 10: Air Sqaut
Air Squat

Day 11: Arms Crossed Squat
Day 11: #Spartan30 #squat Challenge!  Was out for a run and thought the waterfall would be a good background for today's squats!  Arms crossed air squats x 30...GO!   #coachcambio #spartanup #spartansgx #spartanrace #spartanracing #spartancoaches #spartan

Day 12: Prisoner Squat
Prisoner Squats

Day 13: Sumo Squat
Day 13: Sumo Squat #Spartan30 #squat Challenge!  This variation is great for working on your inner thigh and hip flexor mobility!  Here are the basics: 1. Start a little wider that shoulder width 2. Turn toes out to about 45 degrees 3. Squat straight down

Day 14 Cossack Squat
Day 14: Cossack Squat x 30 #Spartan30 #squat  Time to move in the lateral plane!  #spartanup #spartansgx #spartanrace #spartanracing #spartanstrong #spartanworkout #Spartantraining #coachcambio


Be Fit,

Coach Cambio

“Sweat Happens When Muscles Cry!”

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 Spartan30 Squat Week 1

By Todd M. Cambio | December 17, 2014

Week 1 goal: Improve Your Mobility

Phase 1 of Spartan30 was all about getting into a Deep Squat, as in one where your butt gets all the way down to your heels, or more acurately, the back of your calves, AKA “Ass to Grass”.  The deep squat will help you maintain your hip flexion mobility.  Deep squatting using only your bodyweight is the best way to fill any lingering gaps in your strength, stability and form.  Even though it may be frustrating for advanced lifters, re-establishing this deep squat pattern will really improve everything else you do.  Deep squats are an incredibly valuable tool to build strength and lose body fat, for better mobility (specifically ankles, hip flexors and knees), posture, strength and flexibility.

Day 1: Overhead Squat x 30 second hold

Time to re-assess my movement patters!  FMS in full effect!  I got some work to do!  #fms #movement #strongfirst #xtremefitness #coachcambio
Here is the criteria I used for Day 1 of the #Spartan30 squat challenge.  For those needing a side view, here you go!  Goal is at least a score of 2.  A score of 3 is perfect, a score of 1 means you need some extra corrective type exercises.  A score of 2

Day 2: Assisted Deep Squat Low Hold x 30 reps

Day 2 #Spartan30 the Assisted Deep Squat with low grab.  AKA the "Jackknife" squat!  Goal is to use the low hold (12" height or so) to pull yourself down into a deep squat.  Use the low hold as needed to stand up.  Keep feet flat on the ground and work on

Day 3: Assisted Deep Squat High Hold x 30 reps

Assisted Deep Squat

Day 4: Gorilla Stomp (Assisted or unassisted) x 30 reps

Gorilla Stomp Squat

Day 5: Face the Wall Squats (Prayer, Prisoner and Overhead positions) x 10 reps each position

Day 5 #Spartan30 #squat challenge!  Today is 3 variations of "Face the Wall" Squats: Prayer, Prisoner and “Y”. Great way to open up hips and upper back while training the squat pattern.   Brace the abs, hip hinge down and keep that lower back arch, Heels

Day 6: Toe Grab Deep Squat x 10 x 3

Day 6 #Spartan30 #squat Challenge!  Goal...pull yourself down low! #spartansgx #spartanrace #spartancoaches #spartanworkout #spartantraining #coachcambio

Day 7: Y-Squat x 10 x 3

Day 7: #Spartan30 #squat Y-Squats 3 x 10!  Great corrective to improve overall mobility of the ankles, hips, T-spine and shoulders!  #spartanup #spartansgx #spartanrace #spartancoaches #spartanworkout #spartantraining #coachcambio


Be Fit,


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Learn Hard Style Kettlebells

By Todd M. Cambio | December 15, 2014

Hard Style Kettlebell Training will teach you the precise ways in which kettlebells should be used for developing, maximizing, and maintaining strength!

Hard Style Kettlebell Training.  Learn the precise ways in which #kettlebells can be used for developing, maximizing and maintaining strength!  #coachcambio #spartansgx #Spartantraining #strongfirst

This is for anyone looking to improve their skills as a kettlebell instructor, avid kettlebell student or a beginner.

You will Learn how to get the most out of your extreme hand-held gym:

No previous kettlebell experience is required. No matter what your goals are, we strongly urge you to take this Course. On one end of the spectrum, subtleties taught in this Course have been instrumental in helping Donnie Thompson make a breakthrough in strength while making back problems a thing of the past—and eventually breaking the 3,000 pound world superheavyweight powerlifting total record. On the other end is Tracy Reifkind, who lost over 100 pounds in less than a year and got stronger in the process.

Programs Availabe: One Day StrongFirst Kettlebell Users Course, Private Workshops or 1 on 1’s.

Contact: StrongFirst Level II Instructor Todd M. Cambio, CSCS


Location: At your Gym or Box

***If you choose the StrongFirst Kettlebell Users Course, specific info below ***

Please ​Note ​this ​is ​NOT ​a ​certification. ​This ​is ​a ​one ​day ​users ​course, ​that ​will ​help ​you ​prepare ​for ​the ​certification. ​The ​SFG ​Certifications ​are ​3 ​days ​long ​and ​have ​numerous ​strength ​and ​technique ​standards ​that ​must ​be ​passed. ​Please ​contact ​me ​if ​you ​would ​like ​more ​information ​on ​the ​certifications.

Here ​is ​some ​additional ​course ​information ​and ​answers ​to ​FAQs:

Although ​this ​course ​is ​a ​one-day ​entry ​level ​kettlebell ​course ​that ​requires ​no ​prior ​experience, ​please ​think ​about ​the ​following:

Preparation ​for ​the ​space:

​Refund ​Policy

There ​is ​a ​$50 ​non-refundable ​fee.

30days ​prior ​to ​event ​50% ​of ​the ​fee ​is ​non ​refundable

10 ​days ​prior ​to ​the ​event ​there ​is ​a ​strict ​no ​refund ​policy


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