Spartan SGX Training Day 2

By Todd M. Cambio | April 18, 2014

DAY 2 had some new faces!  Welcome guys!  Great job!

To reiterate, the GOAL of the 1st phase of training: Build a solid FOUNDATION.

We will focus on Mobility, Stability, Movement and Nutrition


Spartan Evolution

WEEK 1 Thursday 4/17 GOAL:

If you missed the 1st session, here is how to do the Spartan Warm Up Routine.

Day 2:

Spartan A, B, C’s are animal movements that work every muscle in the body from fingertips to toes.  They work strength, endurance, flexibility and coordination.

Lateral Ape

 Crab Walk  Bear Crawl

  1. Ape – this is our lateral movement to open up the hips, glutes and quads.
  2. Bear Crawl – this is one of our primal movement patterns that we 1st learned to do as a baby!  It works coordination, core/abs, hips flexors, wrist flexibility, chest, shoulders and triceps.
  3. Crab – this gets us back to our younger years of playing outside and way back in the day gym class!  Crab is a great forgotten movement, it works the posterior side of our body, like our hamstrings, gluteus, triceps, as well as shoulder and chest mobility.

Spartan Race CT

Dont forget to Join us at Spartan CT June 28th and Save 15% off with this link!

We will also be at Spatan Beast in VT in September and Spartan Fenway in November!

Sign Up For Outside Magazines #1 Ranked OCR. -

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Spartan SGX Training Day 1

By Todd M. Cambio | April 18, 2014

Here at Mohegan Sun Casino, we are getting an incredible group of athletes ready to take on the Spartan Sprint CT right here in their own back yard!  Myself and fellow SGX Coach Mike Pinto will be leadig this 10 week program to get this crew ready to dominate!

The Spartan Mission:

The mission of the Spartan Program is to create a community of coaches, instructors, and participants that embrace the Spartan lifestyle. Through this program we will help each individual reach their fitness goals and adopt a healthier lifestyle. We will do this in an encouraging environment that welcomes individuals of all abilities and fitness backgrounds. We will work tirelessly to help all that seek better health, through the application of Spartan values.


Spartan Coaching is a group of the best coaches in the world committed to rip 75 million people off of their couches and to start living like Spartans!

Spartan SGX Mohegan Day 1

The GOAL of the 1st pahse of training is to build a solid FOUNDATION.

We will focus on Mobility, Stability, Movement and Nutrition


GOAL: Teach Spartan Warm Up and Burpee Test

I. Spartan Warm Up:

  1. Jog for 5 minutes to get blood flow going
  2. Dynamic Flexibility

II. BURPEE Test (5 mins)

III. Full Body Static Stretch


  1. Practice Spartan Warm Up
  2. Practice Burpees
  3. Nutrition Task Week 1:

Why Water

Aroo, Aroo Aroo!


Todd M. Cambio, CSCS, SFG, SGX


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Tactical Strength Challenge

By Todd M. Cambio | April 13, 2014

I just competedin my 1st StrongFirst Tactical Strength Challenge!  Awesome time!

The Tactical Strength Challenge (TSC) is a strength competition consisting of three events:

The Tactical Strength Challenge tests the three primary types of strength; absolute strength using the deadlift, bodyweight-relative strength with pullups, and cardiovascular endurance through kettlebell snatches. The three events test a unique trade-off between these abilities. While larger participants may have an advantage in the deadlift, lighter participants have an advantage in pullups, and the kettlebell snatch tests all participants equally.

StrongFirst Tactical Strength Challenge

StrongFirst Tactical Strength Challenge

I pulled a new dead lift PR at 455 lbs, completed 7 tactical pull ups and 120 x 24 kg snatches!

Goal for next one: 500 lbs DL, 10+ Pull Ups and 130 Snatches.

The rules are simple, the training is hard, but the opportunity to say you faced the Tactical Strength Challenge and survived makes it all worthwhile.

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Train Like a Spartan

By Todd M. Cambio | April 6, 2014

If you want to train like a Spartan in preparation for your next Obstacle Course race, swing on down to Precision Fitness and I will get you to the next level!  Prepare for Tough Mudder, Bold r Dash, Spartan (Sprint, Super or Beast) or any other race!  We will get you off the coach and into the best shape of your life!  


This Program will:
-Increase your agility, speed and endurance to help you get through the race
-Build your confidence to conquer every obstacle
-Help you to prevent mistakes and avoid injury
-Allow you to connect with other racers
-Take you to various training locations to make sure you get everything you need


 Training Camp Includes:
-10 Intense and relevant training sessions that will prepare you for the obstacles
-Weekly homework to complete on your own or with other racers
-Precision Fitness T-Shirt
-Becoming part of a Precision Fitness Race Team for support and guidance


Starts: April 12 at Fields of Fire, Mystic CT (1st race)

- 5 am M-F

- noon M, W, F

- 6 pm M-TH

- Saturdays open gym 8-10 am

Ends: June 28th at Spartan Sprint CT (Last Race til summer season)

CALL TODAY: 860-287-3768

 Precision Fitness Racing Team Schedule:


2014 Race/Event Schedule:

April 12, 2014
Alpha Fitness, East Greenwich, RI
April 12, 2014
Our discount price is going on until April 7th!
Register at
Mystic, CT at Fields of Fire!
Bold r Dash Beach Dash!
May 3, 2014
Team: Precision Fitness
Coupon Code is PRECISION5
Password is Precision
Time Wave: Elite
Tough Mudder New England
May 31, 2014 at 8:00 AM | Dover, VT
Team: Precision Fitness
Spartan CT
June 28 at Mohegan Sun
Team: Precison Finess

Bold r Dash 

Exeter, RI

September 13, 2014

StrongFirst Body Weight Certification

September 28, 2014 at Precision Fitness

Lead by Master SFG Instructor Karen Smith


November 15, 2014
Team: Precision Fitness
Todd Cambio

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Spartan Race Workout Tour 2014

By Todd M. Cambio | April 4, 2014

Group Shot

What a great experience assisting with the Spartan Workout Tour!  We had a huge turnout that in my mind, kicked off the Obstacle Course Training season here for me!  


If you want to train like a Spartan in preparation for your next Obstacle Course race, swing on down to Precision Fitness and I will get you to the next level!  Prepare for Tough Mudder, Bold r Dash, Spartan (Sprint, Super or Beast) or any other race!

Pass teh Mic

1000 prticipants

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Don’t confuse “Active” with Fit

By Todd M. Cambio | March 18, 2014

When it comes to excuses for not exercising, I’ve heard them all.

Sometimes the excuse is self-inflicted: I don’t have the time.

Other times the excuse is pure procrastination: I’m going to start as soon as tax season ends.

Then there are the out of shape athete’s senario: I’m going to start playing ______ again to get in shape.

And then there are excuses that are downright funny: I don’t like to sweat.

Stand Up Padling

Stand Up Padling

As delicately as possible, I point out to these well meaning excuse-makers that, even though they don’t want to do it, exercise is an important part of cultivating a strong, healthy and attractive body.

I tell them that if they would just exercise 2 to 4 times each week they would feel a dramatic improvement in their daily life, starting with renewed energy and strength.

Then I bring up the health benefits and explain how many of their health problems would improve or even disappear. I talk about how great they will feel, and look, dropping those extra pounds and rediscovering a slender figure.

Even with all this experience in excuse squashing, there used to be an excuse that would leave me stumped.

The sneaky excuse of ‘I’m active’: Oh, I don’t need to exercise with a personal trainer—I’m very active. I play golf and tennis and Wii.

Well, that is a good excuse, right? Golf, tennis and Wii are all active sports that burn calories. Maybe you can be fit without doing any other exercise…

And then I started noticing a trend.

The ‘golf’ people couldn’t touch their toes in a simple flexibility test. The ‘tennis players’ couldn’t jump rope for 60 seconds. The ‘Wii players’ needed a week to recover from a one mile jog. The so-called ‘active’ people encountered injury after injury.

And then it hit me.

You can’t become fit simply by being active.

Only by being fit can you become more active.

And DONT play to get in shape…Get in Shape to play!

To be lean and to maintain a level of fitness there is no substitute for a consistent, challenging exercise program. It’s the only way, folks.

To truly be fit is when your body is able to do whatever you ask of it. This comes from a combination of flexibility, strength and endurance.

So, do you exercise?

Or are you fooling yourself with the idea of ‘being active’?

How do you feel about your current level of fitness? Are you able to do each and everything you want? Or do you end up opting out of activities that you know would be too challenging?

Do you constantly get hurt playing sports or running?

If you’ve used the excuse of ‘being active’ in the past, take a minute to reconsider your position. Don’t bank on your ‘active’ lifestyle with the hope of true results.

As they say…there’s no trial run in the game of life.

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Thirsty Thursday FUNdraiser ROTY 2014

By Todd M. Cambio | February 19, 2014


March 13th 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Last Years Champ

Mens Top 3

Mens Top 3

Our YMCA Board Members

Our YMCA Board Members

Once again, bragging rights to the Precision Fitness Championship Belt is up for grabs! Even better news is that we will be raising money for children and families in need from the local area!
We will be asking for $20 donations to compete or $10 to spectate!  All proceeds go to the YMCA Reach Out To Youth Program which is part of the YCares program, but really ANY amount will help!
DONATE Now at: or Thurday Night!
Just list as the Westerly/Pawcatuck Branch and Todd Cambio as your campaigner.
Our YCares financial assistance program provides aid to those in need and ensures that no one is turned away for the inability to pay. YCares offers children, teens, adults and families the opportunity to benefit from Y programs and services that they otherwise could not afford.

Last year, our Y helped almost 2,000 individuals and families participate in Y programs and services!!! BUT Really any amount you can donate will help!

We made the paper!

There will be 5 contests to test yourself in…some the same…some different! Watch or participate…your choice.

Past events have included:

- Rope Slams
- TRX Low Rows
- Equalizer Push Ups
- Beer Growler Hold
- Jam Ball Slams
- Quarters (Classic drinking game)
- Ladder Ball (Tailgating game)

Rope Jumping Jacks



Object: Get max number of reps  or as many points for each event and the total combined score determines the winner!

Of course there will be:

All in good fun to kick off Spring and say thanks to our clients for supporting Precision Fitness on its 4 YEAR ANNIVERSARY in Downtown Westerly/Pawcatuck!!

This “THIRSTY THURSDAY” will be even better because we are raising funds to support local children and families in need through the YMCA Reach Out to Youth Program!

Hopefully see you Thursday!

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SOFTBALL Winter Training Program

By Todd M. Cambio | January 31, 2014

Guaranteed to Improve your Strength, Speed, Power, Agility and Quickness!


Tired of just doing the same old strength and conditioning program you have always done?

Tired of just working with a hitting or pitching coach?

Tired of some trendy extreme fitness program that just throws the random workout of the day at you and says this will make you a better athlete.

Well, I am here show you how you can take your game to the next level.  How you can get faster, stronger and quicker by incorporating SAQ (Speed, Agility and Quickness) Training, Russian Kettlebell Work and Spartan Sprint Ladders!

Softball is a game that you must be able to move in any directions at any given moment.  From fielding, to batting to beating out a bunt…you must be fast and explosive!



Pro Agility 1

From a athletic start, to a deceleration to a change of direction.

2014-01-09 16.31.29

From a change of direction to a turn and run.


So why not train in such a manner that brings out these qualities better than just lifting weights the old school way!

You will build undeniable mobility, flexibility, strength and power with these tools:

Russian Kettlebells for explosive hips and a quick 1st step and incredible shoulder mobility & stability:

Great for mobility, stability, core and strength.

Great for mobility, stability, core and strength.


Awesome for shoulder mobility and stabilty!

Awesome for shoulder mobility and stabilty!

Kb Swing

Kb Swing with Coach Vacca

Notice how similar this incredible movement is to your fielding stance.

The Sled for insane leg driving power and conditioning:

Sled Push

Giant Ropes for metabolic conditining and shoulder strength:

2014-01-09 10.35.34-1

Rope Jumping Jacks


and more…

What You ALSO Get When You Train With Us:

- Lightning Quick Foot Speed
- Never Ending Endurance
- Increased Strength
- Proper Lifting Technique
- A Reduced Risk of Injury
- Pre and Post Program Testing
- THREE Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists on site
- An Edge Over Your Competition

If you are serious about athletics and your sports performance, then you must attend this cutting-edge summer strength and conditioning program!
When: February 2nd – March 10th.  Monday and Thursday
Where: Precision Fitness, 39 High Street, Westerly
Time: 7 pm
Led by: Coach Derek Vacca, CPT, TRX Level 1
Call 401-440-9051
Sign up today to lock in your position!  Limited to 12 athletes per coach per session.

Be Fit,

Precision Fitness

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FMS Certified

By Todd M. Cambio | January 28, 2014

I finally got my Functional Movement Specialists (FMS) Certification!!!

Functional Movement System

Functional Movement System

Here is my press release:

Cambio was taught the entire fundamentals of the Functional Movement Screen system, combining lecture with extensive hands-on lab work incorporating kettlebells and band as corrective tools to fix movement dysfunction.

This program is a product of years of innovation and current research. The philosophy starts with a system that monitors fundamental movement.  Armed with this crucial knowledge, you can successfully develop corrective exercise programs based on individual movement patterns.  FMS is equally effective in fitness and sports conditioning because it targets the “weak link in movement”.

“Working on any other part of the chain will not change the strength of the chain.”  Says Brett Jones, Master SFG, MS, CSCS.  “You’re only going to be a good as your weakest link.  If you insist on using Band-Aids and duct tape, don’t be surprised when things start to rip and tear!”

Specifically, the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is a ranking and grading system scientifically created to document movement patterns that are key to normal function.

By screening these patterns, you can successfully and quickly identify functional limitations and asymmetries.  Basic movement pattern limitations can reduce the effects of functional training, physical conditioning, speed training, agility work, strength training and distort proprioception (body awareness).

At the heart of the system is the Functional Movement Screen Score, which helps you target the real problem for any individual and track their progress with real precision.  The scoring system is directly linked to the most beneficial corrective exercises to restore mechanically sound movement patterns.

By becoming a FMS, Cambio can more effectively identify physical imbalances or weaknesses and strengthen them with simple corrective exercises; teach the difference between movement quality and movement quantity; identify current injury trends and stats as they relate to the prevention of non-contact injury; understand how “primitive” movement can hold the keys to unlocking your physical restrictions and eliminate poor movement and quickly, effectively, and efficiently replace it with good movement.

For the average person this method will allow you move better and take away everyday aches and pains.  For the athlete or fitness enthusiast, this type of training will dramatically improve athletic performance, significantly reduce the potential of training and sports injuries and significantly reduce the recovery time from prior injuries.

FMS Corrective ExerciseHere I am working with one of our young athletes to correct a valgus colapse of the right knee…meaning when she squats, jumps or lands her knee caves in to compensate.  This motor pattern can lead to injury very quickly if not addressed!  So I am using a band to re-program her body to fix the issue.

Be Fit,



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Grass Fed Beef Rocks

By Todd M. Cambio | January 24, 2014

If you are following our nutrition tasks, task #3 is to eat more lean protein sources. This post is for our red meat carnivores, compliments of Spartan!
Spartan Grass Fed Beef
Go Grass-fed:

“Beef.  It’s been what’s for dinner since humans realized the delights of a ribeye.  But did you know that a cow that feasts on grains has considerably lower levels of omega-3 fatty acids?  Stick with grass fed for a leaner muscle building protein, more Omega-3′s and a high does of oxygen carrying iron.”

- Spartan Nutrition Challenge

Beef, Sweet potatoes, tomatoes, garlic, onion, chives, and tons of bold spices

Beef, Sweet potatoes, tomatoes, garlic, onion, chives, and tons of bold spices

I decided to take Spartan’s advice and make a healthy beef stew!  It had all ONE Ingredient foods and loads of immune boosting spices!

Be Fit,



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