Spartan SGX Training

Spartan SGX Training

This is the most cutting edge functional training program available!



Conquer a Spartan Race or simply get in the best shape of your life!  Train Like a Spartan Warrior at one of New Hampshires’s only Certified Spartan Programs  – right here in the Exeter, NH!

What a day at the Spartan CT Race a Mohegan Sun! I raced early in the day and then had the honor of leading warm up routines most of the afternoon in the Spartan Training SGX area! Thanks for a great race! #spartanrace #spartansgx #spartantraining #spar

This is not just another bootcamp, it is not CrossFit, it is nothing you have ever seen before – It is Spartan SGX!

Some animal movements to start off the day! Crab walks, bear crawls and inch worms! Try incorporating these movements into your warm up. 50' x 2 for each move! That's 300 total feet or 1 football field! Gotta love football season! #precisionfitness #

The Ultmate Athlete Spartan SGX training will get you Spartan fit and ready to conquer the Beast, the Sprint – or both.

Gotta love Monsta Tires! I find it refreshing that the ladies at #precisionfitness seem to always want to challenge themselves with the tires! #tireflips #spartansgx #spartanrace #spartanracing #spartancoaches #spartanworkout #spartantraining
Improve your focus and confidence.

Expand your personal power.

Cultivate discipline, drive, and determination. SGX isn’t just about exercise – it is about life transformation.

SGX utilizes a unique, independently developed strategy of periodization that allows specific aspects of training, fitness, and nutrition to be targeted at various times throughout the year, while never sacrificing a shred of the well-rounded physical preparedness you demand each day.

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SGX is about changing your mind, body, and life from the inside out. SGX prepares you for life!

It is not about doing circuits or lifting weights hap hazzardly; it is about bending, crawling, carrying, climbing, hanging, jumping, lifting, lunging, pulling, pushing, running, breathing, sprinting, squatting, balancing, stretching and twisting… exactly what your body has been designed for over millions of years.

I love band work...especially resisted band runs for increasing speed and running mechanics! #spartantraining #spartangroupx #spartanrace #spartancoaches #precisionfitness

What’s different about a Spartan SGX Training?


Spartan 300 Workout Tour!

The most common question I see on Facebook and blogs  is:

“How should I train for a Spartan Race?”

Well a lot depends on what your background is and what your goals are for the event. When people ask this question they often really asking “What exercises should I do?” But there is more to it than just exercising. You should eat well, rest and make sure you have the right gear.

I am a huge proponent of Spartan SGX combined with the StrongFirst principals of strength.  I have trained athletes at all levels including an Olympian, professionals, college, high school all the way to your average moms and dads!

Sunday Gun day @spartanrace from Spartan Race CT this summer! #coachcambio #spartanup #spartansgx #spartanrace #spartanracing #spartanstrong #spartantraining #spartanworkout

I can teach you training protocol that will:

If you want to train like a Spartan and get in the best shape of your life, then give me a call at 860-287-3768!


***General Online Program $97***

Online Coaching

If you choose online coaching, we will discuss the general format of programming, equipment/facility needs, athletic past, physical limitations etc…and get you pointed in the right direction with a general 4 week program.

All interaction besides initial phone call will be through email or Facebook messaging.

SpartanPillarsSuccess Story:“Words cannot express the Gratitude I have for Coach Cambio… He believed in me when I didn’t… He pushed my Assets to achieve things unimaginable… Every training session He pushed me to new levels and my performance at every OCR this year was commendable. I am not an athlete, just an average woman with moderate muscle tone… But in just 3 months of dedicated training I was able to do a Chin-up, a 195 lb. Deadlift and came in 2nd place in a 5k… and none of that would have been possible without My Red Gorilla!!! I am proud to call Todd a Friend and I am thankful for the Family I have become a part of all thanks to working out with one of the BEST TRAINER’S THE INDUSTRY HAS TO OFFER!… and as a side note, my Assets would like to say Thank You… I weigh the exact same I did last year, yet nothing fits anymore:) That’s a Win-Win all around I would say!”– Jen Ward, Spartan Mom



“Five weeks ago I couldn’t even do one pushup. I walked into Spartan Training in their 6 week of, & this man had a lot of work to do. Beating BC, Double Mastectomyx2 in the past 10 months didn’t bring the pain he did lol. Thank you Todd for not giving up on me, pushing me, encouraging me, & officially making me into a Spartan! If you truly want it, anything is possible, any goal is reachable. Don’t quit, rock that shit, Aroo!!!”

– Kim, My Newest Spartan