Success Stories

I still wanted to give you an update on my first obstacle run.  I was able to complete every obstacle from climbing to jumping – never falling once.  So from having back surgery 9 months ago weighing in at 280lb to being fit enough to compete in the rugged maniac at 255lbs was defiantly a life changer.  I owe it all to you so THANK YOU for everything!

– Bruno


Dear Todd,
My heartfelt congratulations on your continuing certification as a fitness trainer.
Also, thank you for keeping me on your mailing list.  Although I never had the
opportunity to attend your Westerly facility prior to your decision to relocate,
I have enjoyed following your growth as a trainer and the information you share
with us .  I am especially fond of your working with seniors articles, mostly because
I will be 72 next week and you gave me the confidence to know I am able
to continue to exercise even if it is at a quite pace; without the grunts and
moans so often emanating  from the younger crowd who follow the no pain
no gain theory.  I decided it is important to explain to you that following your
informational E-Mail’s has been life changing and important to my daily
activities.  I no longer use an electric shopping cart at the supermarket and
am able to walk the isles even with a wobbly wheeled cart.  My granddaughter
is getting our basketball pumped up so that when the snows finally end I’ll be
able to walk the perimeter of our building’s parking lot and give my legs and
arms some exercise.  You, sir,  are a great trainer.  With fondest regards,
– Alice

I would like to thank Todd M. Cambio Sfg II and Spartan Race for the motivation to get off the couch and get fit. I have spent too many days self conscious of my body. The girl in the black shirt was me at about 200lbs. (Pregnant) but we know it’s not ALL baby. Countless hours of sweat, pain, swelling and whining have been invested in the body you see in the bikini. The best advice I have for moms is get up, take your kids to the playground and play WITH them. Do the monkey bars and crab walks….take it back to elementary school gym class. We are made to move and use ALL of our muscles.

Just short of a year ago, I almost lost my life and my unborn son. I have chosen to live every day like it is my last and enjoy the pain that comes with rigorous workouts. I am happy to say I have lost 30 lbs in 7 months. I am not done, I will not quit. I am spartan. AROO!  – Tiffany, a Spartan Mom


5 weeks ago I couldn’t even do one pushup. I walked into Spartan Training in their 6 week of, & this man had a lot of work to do. Beating BC, Double Mastectomyx2 in the past 10 months didn’t bring the pain he did lol. Thank you Todd for not giving up on me, pushing me, encouraging me, & officially making me into a Spartan! If you truly want it, anything is possible, any goal is reachable. Don’t quit, rock that shit, Aroo!!!

– Kim, My Newest Spartan


“There are many reasons Todd is considered one of the leading authorities in the Personal Training and Strength and Conditioning field.  He loves what he does, he is highly educated, he is always learning and he is very motivated!  But not just with his clients, but with his workouts and with his professional development.  You see, any trainer can push their clients’ but a trainer that pushes themselves has clients who learn by example and follow them through the trenches.  If I had to sum up Todd, I would say he is the “Real Deal”.”

– Marc Lebert, Owner of Lebert Training Systems


Last year I had the pleasure of some training sessions with Todd M. Cambio Sfg II. I kept a journal of those workouts and tonight while gathering some “reading” material for motivation I came across this entry.

“During a t
raining session last week as I was about to hit the wall for the umpteenth time I found a focal point, a logo on the wall in front of me.
It read, Strong 1st. I powered through. My trainer, said when you are Strong first everything else will follow. I always take a lot more than shaky legs and sweaty clothes home with me but that days experience was by far the most profound. 
On the drive home the phrase kept repeating in my head. Later, when going for a walk along the seawall I found myself chanting this new found mantra. In fitness they always talk about the core and how everything comes from the center. I kept relating some of the principles or foundations in exercise and realizing how those same principles apply to the foundation of how we exercise or live out our lives.
Strong in your convictions – in your beliefs – to the very core. I have used those same phrases when speaking with young people about choices. In exercise – and in life – Strong first and everything else will follow”.  Thank you Todd.

– Cathy, A VERY Strong Woman

2.7% body fat loss in 28 days baby for this girl right here WHOOO HOOOO…..& still counting! thank u Todd M. Cambio!!!

– Jen, 28 Day Flat Belly Formula Participant

Prior to joining Precision Fitness, I had a very ‘tunnel vision’ approach to exercise.. One sport- running- and one way of training. A foot injury and subsequent surgery put a very abrupt end to my career sport. Gone was my pastime, my stress relief, my positive self image. I gained a significant amount of weight while on crutches and developed depression over the end of one of the biggest parts of my world – running. I was very unhappy at the reflection staring back at me in the mirror..

I stumbled upon Precision Fitness by accident. Eager to get my “running fix” back, I was introduced to the sport of obstacle course racing… Short distance running coupled with unorthodox obstacles.. I was hooked!

Searching the Internet for more and more races led me to Todd Cambio and his staff at Precision Fitness. From day one, I have felt welcomed and challenged.

Todd, Kari, Jeremy and Ron have been a constant support system for me pushing me beyond limits I wouldn’t have pushed myself to. They recognize
and celebrate success. They listen and motivate during times of self-doubt. They are innovative and creative with the workouts encouraging me to excel
more with each passing week. But most importantly, they have all taken the time and effort to truly know me as a person, not just as a client.
personal interaction is priceless to me and I’m so grateful to have all of them in my life.

I’m a different person than I was 3.5 months ago since joining Precision Fitness. I still have a way to go but I’m proud to admit that I’m starting to like that person staring back at me in the mirror again.

– BB from Rhode Island, Precision Fitness member since June, 2012

Hi Todd-I’m sure you heard that Joey made the basketball team:)   We wanted to thank you so much for all you did to not only build up his strength and endurance but for also instilling in him the confidence he needed.   We appreciate your dedication to and interest in helping Joey succeed!!  Thanks again for all you do!!

– Kathy and Dave Sanford, Parents of HS Athlete

I wanted to thank you for your advise before. I’m down 50+ pounds now and feeling great.  Thanks.

– Wayne, Proud Papa and BMXer


After 25+ years of lifting weights and doing traditional cardio, I was ready for a change. I had always wanted to do boot camp so when I read about Precision Fitness I checked it out. I have kept with it 5 days a week since March 2010. Previously, I was bored with the same old routines I was doing. When Todd started training me, I was never bored, he changes up the exercises frequently to keep your body from getting complacent.

Since we put a lot of emphasis on core work, my abs have defiantly become more defined. I also accomplished something that I never would have done if not for the contacts I made at Precision Fitness; I completed a 5k Obstacle Course Race called Bolder Dash. It was definitely out of my comfort zone prior to working out at Precision Fitness!  Todd has challenged me to do things that have made me feel stronger, more confident and more fit!

– Angela, 52 years young!


“When I first went to Precision Fitness my goal was to become a better athlete. I wanted to become a better athlete in baseball, basketball and football. I didn’t know how long I would be training there.

I have now been training with precision fitness for over a year and it is worth every second I go there, every penny I pay and every drop of sweat. You’re defiantly going to sweat there. I’m sure there were times when it would have been easier to quit but they push you to be the best you can be because they trust you and trust your athletic ability.

Now I can’t wait to train because I know that my athletic ability will be enhanced and the training will be fun. I now play football, indoor track basketball, baseball and outdoor track. I am bigger, faster, stronger and in better shape since going there. I know how to stretch properly and how to exercise properly and a lot about nutrition which I can take with me to school.

The only thing you have to do is be dedicated and set high goals and they will make sure you reach your goals and even more. I would recommend any athlete to Precision Fitness and anyone who wants to know about nutrition and fitness. I truly believe that without training here I would not have become as good of an athlete as I am now and hopefully I will become.”

– Alex Malm, high school athlete, Pilgrim High School


“I came to Todd in hopes of better preparing myself for my professional debut in BMX racing. I have worked with Todd many times at BMX camps and I knew his programs would fit me perfectly (being an ex-BMXer himself). He helped me to a place 5th in my first professional race! His program challenges me and he mixes it up enough to where it is never boring. I would highly recommend his programs to people of any fitness level. Thanks so much!”

“I Just got back from the NBL Grand National Championships and made the podium and placed third!  Your programs definately made the difference!”

– Courtney, Professional BMX Rider


“I was able to go for a 3 mile run with my sister in law yesterday no problem! Thanks for the help getting me there. It was the first run I have done since I was pregnant with Lily and it felt awesome!”

– Angelica, new Mom 🙂

‎”Hey Todd, I just wanted to tell you that I finshed practice and then I beat 2 of the varsity captains in the ladder and they said I had the quickest feet they had ever seen!”

– Andrew, freshman football


“Hey Todd, these past 3 months of workouts with you have been awesome! I love the energy in the group and your motivation and encouragement keeps me coming back. People are noticing and commenting on my arms!! My energy is through the roof and I’ve had no pain in my hip. Thanks for fixing me up.”

– Kelly, Wellness Coach

“I am an almost 50 father of two, and started working out regularly with Todd in October, 2009 through February, 2010. During that time, I improved my mobility and quickness for basketball and tennis, and my recovery time after strenuous exercise DRAMATICALLY improved. Just as importantly, Todd’s classes were fun and challenging, and Todd changes the routines so class is never stale or predictable. Warwick’s loss is Westerly/Pawcatuck’s gain.”

– Michael, Attorney

“Todd Cambio tailored a fitness plan to my specifications, and then gave constant input and unique tools (such as HerbaLife shakes) to achieve fitness I haven’t had since boot camp! I dropped 30 lbs, passed my PT test with a perfect 100 score and ran in my first half marathon.

I have seen Todd give the same level of commitment and focused input to his newest clients that he has given to me and others of his oldest friends; (people who have known him for over 30 years).

His expertise, philosophy and the facilities are top notch! They can help you achieve your peak fitness goals.”

– Pat, Marine Corps Aviator

“Just a little friendly update: Hope all is going well! Things here are very good, I am on a new schedule alternating days with kettlebells and boot camp. I LOVE my new schedule, it never gets boring!

I just started kettlebells and I have progressed so much in them already. I am continuously moving up in weight which proves to me that I am building muscle and getting stronger. I love that you have a variety of kettlebells and I hope you are able to get more! You are doing an awesome job!!

– Melissa (Blondie) Lost 20 lbs


“My goal was to get stronger and be prepared for college softball. I definitely feel more confident about training in college now. Not only did I learn Olympic lifts, but he critiqued my movement patterns and improved them. I also worked on being quicker, especially on the base-paths. I never felt fast, but with Todd’s help, I was actually called fast by a coach. (I beat a run-down!!)

My travel-ball coach told me I was the fastest catcher he has ever seen. One thing that really worked for me was that he made a point to make it as inexpensive as possible. I worked with him twice a week and then with a Speed and Agility class another day. This helped my parents out a lot financially. We would be on half hours but he would work with me for 45 minutes just because. I was pushed, but never to a point of frustration or anger. Every time I would sweat buckets though…not gonna lie! Overall, I had a great time with Todd and would recommend him to any newbie.

– Haley, College Student and Scholarship Softball Athlete


“Great ideas on the 6 step plan. I have been using this for 6 weeks and have lost a pound and a half a week.”

– Steve, age 39, High School Teacher and Rugby Coach


“Todd is true fitness expert. He is very professional and knows his stuff. I highly recommend him if you want a safe and effective program that produces fantastic results!”

– Dr. Michael Nula, Physical Therapist


“My jumping ability and flexibility have noticeably improved from past years. Thanks for everything!”

– Todd, Age 18, All-State HS basketball player


“Dropped 12 lbs! Thank You.” (In 1st Month)

– Derek, age 29, Online Personal Training Client


“I really like the workout you gave me. Getting strong!”

– Brian, age 32


“I’m really loving the program more and more, and I am already seeing progress! What I love about it the most is that it keeps pushing me a little more each time I go to the gym. It’s really great for the mental stimulation and motivation aspect of the lifting. It’s like I have to continue to step my game up so to speak and show myself what I’m made of.”

– Matt, 24, Online Training Client


“The off-season conditioning program has really paid dividends for these guys. Hopefully this will serve as motivation for others. Good luck!!”

– Joseph, Parent of one of our HS Athletes


“Todd Cambio is the perfect personal trainer. Motivation, expertise, kindness and most importantly…results.”

– Cathy, age 58


“Our football team’s strength gains were incredible since we signed up with Precision Fitness. We had 6 times the amount of athletes reach goal on our major lifts, and Coach Cambio consistently provided excellent instruction to all of our athletes. He gave positive motivation and created a plan that helped us increase our win total by 4 games. As a former football player and coach, Todd Cambio designed a program specific to us and we couldn’t have asked for better results!”

– Jaron Cohen, Head Football Coach


“This is an incredible site with a vast amount of awesome information.”

– Shawn, High School Vice Principal