SFG Kettlebell 1-Day Course New Hampshire

Thursday, February 5th, 2015

Hard ​Style ​Kettlebell ​Training ​will ​teach ​you ​the ​precise ​ways ​in ​which ​kettlebells ​should ​be ​used ​for ​developing, ​maximizing, ​and ​maintaining ​strength! ​ ​The ​kettlebell ​can ​also ​be ​utilized ​as ​in ​incredible ​corrective ​exercise ​tool ​as ​well. This ​is ​for ​anyone ​looking ​to ​improve ​his ​or ​her ​skills ​as ​a ​kettlebell ​instructor, ​avid ​kettlebell ​student ​or ​a ​beginner. You ​will ​learn ​how ​to ​get ​the ​most ​out ​of ​your ​extreme ​hand-held ​gym: • “Strength ​stretching” ​to ​take ​the ​brakes ​off ​your ​strength, ​spare ​your ​joints, ​and ​always ​be ​ready ​to ​go • Kettlebell ​training ​safety • Essential ​joint ​mobility ​exercises • State ​of ​the ​art ​breathing ​techniques ​for ​strength, ​endurance, ​back ​safety, ​and ​stress ​reduction • Tension ​skills ​for ​instant ​strength ​gains • “Hip-centric” ​(McGill) ​movement, ​a ​must ​for ​strength ​and ​back ​health. • “Lat-centric” ​shoulder ​mechanics ​which ​protect ​the ​shoulder ​while ​significantly ​increasing ​strength • Single ​Bell ​techniques ​and ​progressions: • The ​Deadlift—the ​most ​“functional” ​exercise ​ • Single ​Leg ​Dead ​Lift ​– ​A ​powerful ​drill ​for ​strengthening ​the ​feet ​and ​the ​ankles ​and ​injury ​proofing ​the ​hamstrings • The ​Goblet ​Squat—the ​squat ​for ​the ​people • The ​Swing—the ​“fat-burning ​athlete ​builder” • The ​Get-Up—a ​lesson ​in ​moving ​strong • The ​Military ​Press—a ​classic ​test ​of ​strength • A ​number ​of ​foolproof ​program ​design ​tools ​and ​sample ​programs ​for ​a ​variety ​of ​training ​goals No ​previous ​kettlebell ​experience ​is ​required. ​ Sign Up Here: https://www.regonline.com/Register/Checkin.aspx?EventID=%201673499 Cost: ​$299 ​for ​8 ​hours ​of ​instruction Instructor: ​StrongFirst ​Level ​II ​Instructor ​Todd ​M. ​Cambio, ​CSCS ​will ​teach ​you ​the ​fundamental ​movements ​of ​kettlebell ​training. ​ ​ Upon ​completion ​of ​this ​course, ​you ​may ​use ​a ​$250 ​credit ​towards ​the ​3-day ​SFG ​Level ​1 ​Certification ​(you ​must ​use ​the ​credit ​within ​90 ​days ​from ​this ​course ​date). This ​course ​is ​NASM ​approved ​for ​continuing ​education ​credits. ​ ​You ​can ​submit ​to ​other ​certification ​bodies ​for ​CEU ​approval. Sign Up HERE: https://www.regonline.com/Register/Checkin.aspx?EventID=%201673499 If ​you ​have ​any ​questions, ​please ​contact ​Todd ​M. ​Cambio ​at ​860-287-3768 Please ​note ​this ​is ​NOT ​a ​certification. ​ ​This ​is ​a ​one ​day ​users ​course, ​that ​will ​help ​you ​prepare ​for ​the ​certification. ​ ​The ​SFG ​Certifications ​are ​3 ​days ​long ​and ​have ​numerous ​strength ​and ​technique ​standards ​that ​must ​be ​passed. ​ ​Please ​contact ​me ​if ​you ​would ​like ​more ​information ​on ​the ​certifications. Saturday, March 14, 2015 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM (Eastern Time) […]

SFG Kettlebell Course

Saturday, May 11th, 2013

The one-day SFG Kettlebell Course is more than entry-level user instruction for the AK-47 of exercise equipment—the kettlebell. It is education in moving strong. SIGN UP HERE: http://www.regonline.com/Register/Checkin.aspx?EventID=1232335 Instructor: Phil Scarito, Master RKC, CK-FMS, CICS  owner of DV8Fitness No previous kettlebell experience is required. No matter what your goals are, we strongly urge you to take this […]